Finding the best HR software: A Tip from an Industry Insider

You want to know a secret? The differences between the leading HR platforms are not nearly as significant as you might suspect. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses, but most of the leading platforms have the potential to meet your HR technology needs. (Note: this does not include the legacy platforms that are still widely used in some industries).

So how do you account for the vastly different experiences users report from one system to the next?

People are the difference.

Two chefs can cook the same meal with the same ingredients and yield completely different results. Two artists can paint the same landscape with the same tools – and based on our grade school art projects – we all know how those results can vary.

Your needs analysis, configuration, troubleshooting, support, and overall experience with the software will live and die based on the expertise and dedication of the people involved. If your HR technology vendor is not investing in people, you may find yourself disappointed regardless of how much time and energy you spend vetting software.

After months of demos and discussions, you’ve finally landed on an HR platform that is ideally suited to your organizational needs, but with one downside – the platform vendor is known for poorly-run implementations and/or lackluster support. You still have options! Many HCM service companies choose to license leading HR technology (instead of developing their own) to allow a greater focus on configuration and support.

Find an HCM company that licenses your platform of choice. Software vendors are often willing to provide lists of their resellers/licensees; that may be a good starting point if you haven’t identified any options yet. Don’t forget to check their Google reviews and ask for client references!

Moral of the story: The platform matters, but the people matter more. Do your research – and choose the solution that gives you both.