HR Consulting

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Subscription Packages

Subscription packages offer a convenient way to customize just the right amount of access to HR expertise, education, and tools for your business. Whether it’s quick answers to urgent questions or working through common HR issues, an HR subscription package is efficient for your business leader’s time and is an easy way to budget for HR expertise when you need it. You can feel confident working with a senior certified HR professional who understands your unique business needs and provides competent guidance and services to help you effectively navigate the HR needs of the business.

Subscription packages receive a discount on HR Project services.

Project Work

Bringing contemporary best practices and strong compliance knowledge to the table, AtlasHR Consulting partners with your business to lead and collaborate on a variety of projects that provide value and elevates the HR function inside your organization. Some examples of services offered on a per-project basis include: employee handbook and policy development, HR practice and compliance assessment, compensation planning, employee surveys, HR infrastructure start-up, employee investigations, performance management, training, strategy and organization planning and benefits design.

Hourly Consulting

If your HR department would be best served through an hourly rate arrangement, we would be happy to discuss options and provide further details.

Recieve a complimentary one-hour consultation to discuss your business needs.

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